Project Overview KBPH Fuel Pier Development Plan

Project Overview
KBPH Fuel Pier Development Plan

Tanker in KBPH

The project will provide a dedicated Fuel Pier at
Kalaeloa Barbers Point Harbor.

Two new dedicated fuel berths are proposed at Piers 3 and 4. At the present time, the proposed location for the new fuel berths is being used for a ship repair operation, which will be relocated to another site in the harbor. A possible scenario may include one of the fuel berths accommodating fuel tankers up to a size of a small 750-foot Panamax tanker (~420,000 barrel capacity), with the other accommodating a 400-foot fuel barge (80,000 barrel capacity).

Construction of the pier will have the following components:

  • Pipelines connecting to the Fuel Pier transmission pipeline system.
  • A central fuel monitoring system equipped with a two-stage alarm.
  • An emergency shutdown system.
  • Emergency release coupling with spill preventer.
  • Spill protection equipment including oil spill booms, utility boats, and other equipment.
  • Central fixed (remote control) fire suppression monitors, and water-foam generators.
  • Fire hydrants at the fuel berths for fire-suppression water or to cool equipment.
  • Real-time environmental monitoring system (wind, current, waves, and seismic conditions).
  • Adequate fixed lighting.

Several alternative Fuel Pier designs will be evaluated. The Statewide Fuel Facilities Development Plan (2009) recommends a protruding segmented pier configuration. These protruding pier structures would be located approximately 35 to 60 feet off shore, composed of a series of pile-supported fuel transfer platforms and breasting dolphins. An alternative to this is a full length platform open wharf structure, which typically consists of concrete slabs spanning between concrete (cap) beams that are supported by precast, pre-stressed concrete piles driven into the harbor floor. A third alternative is a solid-type berthing structure, where interconnected steel sheet piling is used to provide a solid, vertical bulkhead behind which backfill is placed to form a contiguous yard area. The Development Plan will identify the preferred plan for new dedicated fuel piers and support infrastructure. Preliminary cost estimates will be completed to guide capital improvement planning for this critical project.

KBPH Fuel Pier Project Area