Project Overview KBPH 2040 Master Plan

Project Overview KBPH 2040 Master Plan

Bulk Unloader at KBPH Pier 6

Coal is being unloaded at KBPH Pier 6 by a bulk unloader, which is then carried by a conveyor system to the AES plant. The cement unloader can be seen in the foreground.

As part of the State of Hawai‘i “New Day” initiatives, the Department of Transportation, Harbors Division (DOT-H) is updating its plans for Kalaeloa Barbers Point Harbor (KBPH). This includes the prospective KBPH 2040 Master Plan.

As a part of the KBPH 2040 Master Plan process, a needs assessment is being conducted with current harbor users and potential users, and a range of land use alternatives will be developed and evaluated. Meetings with stakeholders are being held to gather input. Some early goals developed at these meetings suggest that the plan should be realistic and achievable; flexible to meet a range of cargo types; compatible with surrounding uses; and considerate of environmental, safety and navigational issues. In addition, several studies are underway to help DOT-H prepare for various cargo and fuel demand scenarios. This will provide the framework for the development of alternatives. Finally, the alternatives will be guided by a series of meetings using input from the public. Ultimately, the preferred alternative will need to achieve balance with the various demands of the harbor.

Layout configurations for various cargo operations and storage areas in the harbor will be considered, as well as possible expansion of the harbor in the mauka basin near Piers 8 and 9. Early input into the process has also included adding a lay berth area for barges to moor when they are not being utilized. Additionally, operational improvements such as perimeter lighting and navigational aids will be evaluated to enable 24-hour access for larger vessels. Circulation patterns including the alignment of the new designated Hanua Street harbor entrance will also be analyzed to alleviate traffic congestion. To support all these efforts for accommodating future growth, the utilities infrastructure may need to be improved. Efforts to deepen the harbor and widen the entrance channel to accommodate larger vessels are being considered and coordinated with the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Aerial view of existing Kalaeloa Barbers Point Harbor